ABOUT George

This was my day job. I worked very hard and was compensated very nicely for my efforts. It went way beyond the money for me. It was pure joy. Fabulous people, rock-n-roll craziness, travel, great drugs and most of all, amazingly great music. Working with Warren was the best job of my life. He was in his heyday. I was listed on all albums as his aide-de-camp. It was all encompassing term, which included me being his road manager for many tours in the USA and Europe. We had great fun together through a myriad of adventures, including some that bordered on insanity. Through it all, I had utmost respect for him and his art. He could be a challenge at times, but then, who can’t be. I’m attempting in these photos, to shine a little light on the person that I knew, the fun, caring and humorous person, who really enjoyed life.