Pricing and Info

Limited edition 300 gsm archival pigment digital prints

All prints are numbered, signed, identified, dated and made to order.

8x10 print - $125.00 ed.of 25 
11x14 print - $250.00 ed.of 25
16x20 print - $450.00 ed.of 25 

Print sizes listed are media dimensions.

Actual image size varies depending on original crop and film format.
Not all images are suitable for extreme enlargement.
Additional sizes available upon request.
All photographs are made from high resolution scans of the original film.
Photographs are offered as fine art to collectors and for rights-managed editorial license.
Feel free to contact us to see expanded selections of existing work and additional bands.
No commercial endorsement by the artists, or photographer is implied or given.
George Gruel retains copyright of all images displayed herein. (

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